Finally thought of a name, the blogging can begin…Welcome!

After much deliberation and cafe napkin brainstorming, a blog name has finally been decided. Beards, Books and Boroughs sums up my initial impression of New York City and here you will be treated to the quirks, stories and photos from a city that resembles a popular fruit.

The first two weeks have been enjoyably exhausting as I have ticked off the must see sights, visited the different ‘burbs and bars and joined Dan on the Ghostbuster film tour during his NYC holiday adventure (not to mention a stop at the Seinfeld cafe for cwoffee and apple pie).

So, before I dig into the intricacies of this incredible city, I wanted to first share the more familiar landmarks with you all. Enjoy the photos!

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About Ella Therese

Living in and loving NYC, hope I come back spitting some mad rhymes... Having recently graduated from studying Arts Management, and inspired by the deadly Druid's in Galway, I am interning with the Lincoln Center Festival in New York City.
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