On the L, we’re doin’ swell

I’ve been here over a month now and I’m slowly learning to spell organization with a ‘zee,’ ride my bike on the wrong side of the road and write my dates backwards (which is both annoying and confusing).

I’ve settled into my rad neighbourhood and am finding the time to frequent more of the million bars and cafe’s that are conveniently located within walking distance from my crib. The short stumble home from Bedford, Berry St and Manhattan Avenue is appealing but slightly concerning for my bank account!

Brooklyn Brewery is right around the corner, I recently visited with high hopes that it would compare to Little Creatures…instead I was treated to what seemed like a college frat party, drinking games, pizza boxes and tacky table cloths galore.

Having a bad time at Brooklyn Brewery


Luckily the night was redeemed after a visit to a newly opened bar across the street on Manhattan Avenue with my housemates, Kevin and Katie. It’s that trendy, it doesn’t have a name. 

Another local hangout for hipsters is the trendy 5 leaves cafe on the corner of my block. Opened by an Australian and apparently once linked to our man Heath Ledger, they understand what I mean when I order a flat-white! It’s a little dorky how excited this makes me. Their breakfast menu compares to that of Van’s so it’s no surprise that people spill out the front doors on weekends.

Darn good cwoffee from 5 leaves

Pancakes to die for, thank-you 5 leaves

Being next to McCarren Park is one of the other rad things about living in Greenpoint/Williamsburg. When the sun is out, the atmosphere is lovely, people picnicking, handball and baseball games galore and groups drinking cheap margarita’s in styrofoam cups from the bar on the corner…It’s hard not to want to get involved! The running track, the Saturday farmers’ market, the Sunday Brooklyn Flea and the endless outdoor sporting spots are just some of the awesome things about my ‘burb. Living in Brooklyn, or BK as the funksters remind me, couldn’t be cooler.

Sunny McCarren Park

The weekend normally finishes up with the Williamsburg kickball competition where they play until 11pm on Sunday nights. They pump the music, kick a massive yellow ball around and have a bloody good time. You need a huge ‘must-do’ list here so you don’t miss out on anything. Mine includes a Tuesday night spent at The Manhattan Inn across the road where they do Piano Karaoke. Only in the USA.

In other news, it’s official. I’m on my way to becoming a full-blown gangsta (it’s true, my freestyle rapping could use some improvement but here, I can learn from the pro’s). I went to my first American hiphop/funk dance class the other day and it was awesome. Everyone was so into it, pumping, grinding, locking, only like American’s could.

So my first month has been an absolute blast. I’ve seen Foals play an awesome gig, stalked the filming of ‘Glee,’ visited the enchanting Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and had a night at the theatre amongst other adventures. I have my overseas family, Prue, Nathan and Stacey, giving me lots of Aussie love and I’ve started my management intern with the Lincoln Center, which is going super well. I will delve into the details soon. Enjoy the pictures.


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About Ella Therese

Living in and loving NYC, hope I come back spitting some mad rhymes... Having recently graduated from studying Arts Management, and inspired by the deadly Druid's in Galway, I am interning with the Lincoln Center Festival in New York City.
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