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Living in and loving NYC, hope I come back spitting some mad rhymes... Having recently graduated from studying Arts Management, and inspired by the deadly Druid's in Galway, I am interning with the Lincoln Center Festival in New York City.

Lincoln, I Love You

I’m backdating a bit here but a little while ago it was Memorial Day. Where better to celebrate than Washington, DC; capital of the USA and experts at building memorials. In preparation, I touched up on my USA history lessons thanks to … Continue reading

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4th of July

Thanks to the lovely friends of Parky, Jen and Digger, the fourth of July was celebrated on a 42nd street apartment balcony overlooking the Hudson river. On a rooftop near by, the faint chants of USA! USA! USA! ensured we knew … Continue reading

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On the L, we’re doin’ swell

I’ve been here over a month now and I’m slowly learning to spell organization with a ‘zee,’ ride my bike on the wrong side of the road and write my dates backwards (which is both annoying and confusing). I’ve settled into my rad … Continue reading

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Finally thought of a name, the blogging can begin…Welcome!

After much deliberation and cafe napkin brainstorming, a blog name has finally been decided. Beards, Books and Boroughs sums up my initial impression of New York City and here you will be treated to the quirks, stories and photos from a … Continue reading

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